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OKAY! 2011?

I think we should make this Lamb Conventions 2011 or something lol. Lets let this economic crisis pass us by...Then us international lambies can afford airfare ;)
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i agree completely although it'd have been awesome to have this the same year ND tours - I've been such a slacker about it - I appologize..2011!
Aww no worries! Its such a shame that things are so crap right now. They will tour again (2011 hopefully haha!). It would be such a cool thing to happen though :)X
Oh agreed! I can't even think about a plane ticket to anywhere right now. Haha.
I have been totally thinking about a L.A.M.B. convention and what a fun idea it is, so glad I found this page! I am definitely interested! 2011 sounds good!