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L.A.M.B Convention 2009 Planners

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OKAY! 2011? [03 Jul 2009|03:10pm]

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I think we should make this Lamb Conventions 2011 or something lol. Lets let this economic crisis pass us by...Then us international lambies can afford airfare ;)

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[28 Nov 2008|08:11pm]

Anyone know if this is still happening??
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updates? [18 Jun 2008|06:11pm]

any updates from anyone? we really need to get this giong has any charities been contacted? looks like maybe june 09 or 10? let us know

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Let me know? [22 Mar 2008|11:52pm]

Let me know if you are able/ want to contact charitys Gwen's worked- I believe we have a list on previous entries.

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[04 Feb 2008|09:39am]

 Okay so it looks like the event will be held in June- and will be a charity event based on the polls done last year- any objections let me know.

If anyone is good with getting in touch with the charity in Anahem and talking to them about the idea and steps we should take. Let me know....
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let's get this started! [17 Jan 2008|07:05pm]


it's 2008 we got 1 year to make this a huge success ..so we got to get some volunteering going...ideas flowing..I would really want this to be something we all make a success and feel we've gotten to put input in.. so all opinions caught..volunteer for anything..

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Co-Maintainer of this site [10 Dec 2007|10:25am]

I would like to apologize for delaying my introduction. I have joined the team of trying to plan this. We are in fact still trying to get the ball rolling; stay tuned for more updates; and please keep letting people know about us! We really need to have an official convention for all us lambies wiht plenty of goodies. Any information or suggestions or help would be amazing frmo you guys! This is for sure a group effort!

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its still on [19 Nov 2007|10:07pm]

 Don't  worry the convention is still on.. I know its far away but its a big event so I wanted to start planning soon.. i got no submissions for the logo so it has been postponed deadline till Jan 5..starting in 2008 we are full swing we will hopefully get dates and really get this ball rolling..thanks for your support!!! any suggestions please feel free to comment
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Lamb Convention Logo/theme [02 Sep 2007|01:43pm]


Let's get those creative minds working. Ideas for a logo/theme to represent the convention. I am taking submissions! After we get them we can vote on the top 3 and than have the sweetescape LJ vote on the number 1.


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Viewing text on this site? [29 Aug 2007|09:50am]


Is anyone else having trouble reading the text on this site? 
I love the design and background but the red text is making my eyes buggy and I'm not sure what I'm clicking on.

Is it just me?

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Driving VS Flying [24 Aug 2007|06:46pm]

I wasnt sure if this should be posted in 'lambconvention' or 'sweetescape2009' so i just posted here..let me know if i should change this...

I know its a while away (date unknown) but i dont fly, so i wanted to see if any other bay area Lambies wanted to carpool.....it would take longer, but be cheaper gas wise (all chip in) my car seats 4.....just an idea??
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LJ Design Help [24 Aug 2007|08:39am]

Are there any of you who are great with LJ designs- Mine are not so great- Please let me know Thanks!
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